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    • Craft Control Lite
    • Nyan Cat: Lost In Space
    • Flirt Scanner
    • Skyrex
    • Nyan Cat: JUMP!
    • Craft Control Lite
    • Nyan Cat: Lost In Space
    • Skyrex
    • Nyan Cat: JUMP!
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    • Alpine Crawler
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    • Jackie Jump
    • Nyan Cat: Jump!

    Poker, like all gambling, was officially forbidden to cadets (unless they played for fun, not for money; and playing for fun is no fun, as La Fong often remarked).

  • He can use them in one of his stuffing experiments, Franny said.
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    • Haunted Night - Escape from Zombie

      Haunted Night - Escape from Zombie

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      ***Featured in US AppStore's Adventure and Arcade New Game Categories*** ***To celebrate the new release of the Haunted Night - Escape from Zombie, we are making the Lost Robot - A Physics Puzzler FREE. Download both games today.** You wake up in t...
    • Flirt Scanner

      Flirt Scanner

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      Do you want to know your chances before trying to pick up that hot girl / boy? Flirt Scanner is an app which simulates the scanning of other people's body functions to predict willingness for flirting. Intended for entertainment purposes only! To p...
    • Craft Control Lite

      Craft Control Lite

      Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4 Rate 5
      "I'm very surprised about this game. It's polished and designed with love of details. [..]" - iTunes review, speed4mee "The best drawing game so far. Really test your reaction and focus. Thumbs up!" - iTunes review, littledgs Would you like to see ...
    • Skyrex


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      Supported devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPad, iPad2, iPad3 Description The game is based on the classic labyrinth game where you control the ball while avoiding traps and holes to reach the destination. In fact, it is much more. You need to escape...
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    • And in the mud on the far side, under the short cliff that terminated the field beyond, was a clear and unmistakable boot print. Broud can only make her life miserable; Brun can make her leave, he replied, but it gave the magician cause to wonder about the power of love having more force than the power of fear, and the theme occupied his thoughts during his meditations for days.

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    • Nyan Cat: JUMP!

      Nyan Cat: JUMP!

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      A new game from the creators of NYAN CAT: Lost In Space, the most successful NYAN CAT game on the App Store! (until now! :)) Full gameplay experience for FREE! No game mode limit, no playtime limit! iTunes reviews (US/UK): "THIS IS THE BEST! I frig...

  • 3D Fantasy Tunnel

    3D Fantasy Tunnel

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    The 3D Fantasy Tunnel is a fast and exiting action game Which requires good reflexes. The aim of the game is to get into the checkpoints and then to the finish through the choosen tunnel by emerging the different obstacles. The game utilizes the oppo...
  • Ant Wars

    Ant Wars

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    Ant Wars is a strategy game, where you command armies of ants on a battlefield. Your goal is to take out all of the hives by occupying the empty ones and attacking the others taken by your enemies. You gain score after completing a level. The faster...
  • Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

    Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

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    ** The most popular and most appreciated Nyan Cat game on iPhone/iPad! "Awesome!" - prguitarman, author of the original Nyan Cat character WARNING! The Nyan Cat game and music are seriously addictive! Play with Nyan Cat only at your own risk! iTun...
  • Alpine Crawler

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    Alpine Crawler

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    Alpine Crawler is a cross country vehicle simulator. You can prove your skills and bravery on the mountainsides of the Alps with a strong rear wheel drive SUV. Your car can be damaged and your driver hurt, if you are not carefully. If your health ba...

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